PIM and DAM applications are the essential cornerstones of a successful digital transformation.

Our Expertise

Adone Conseil will help you guarantee your users a reliable product information repository and digital assets suited to their needs. We analyse your digital ecosystem with you to implement the best PIM or DAM solution to suit your context and goals.

Our Offers

Asset Production

Asset Production

Adone Conseil helps facilitate your relationships with photographers and agencies by defining the technical and functional specifications of production and post-production for assets such as images, videos, sounds or documents, according to your needs:

  • dimensions,
  • resolution,
  • format,
  • views,
  • naming rules…


Thanks to the solutions in place, Adone Conseil will help you streamline your content and reduce your costs:

  • implementation of a unique product repository,
  • management of a unique digital asset that can be converted into different formats,
  • centralised classification and translation management…


Our consultants support and advise you in order to identify and put in place effective processes among your employees as well as external partners:

  • collaborative work,
  • product information and digital assets distribution,
  • translation management,
  • legal validation and intellectual property management,
  • internal and external distribution…


Adone Conseil helps you address the different communication channels consistently and reduce the time-to-market:

  • product information and digital assets distribution
  • recommendations about information, metadata and format to distribute, management of specific channel features, etc.


Preserving your company’s heritage: your iconic products and your digital assets are your history. Our employees advise you on how to manage and use them.

Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)

Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)

Synchronizing product data is currently boosting retail through a dedicated network and GDSN® standards.


Such data exchanges are promising: are your sure to master all the stakes?

  • GDSN®: global or local solution?
  • How to seamlessly adopt data synchronization in my data architecture, coexisting with a PIM, a DAM, an ERP and all my e-commerce processes?
  • Which data synchronization solution (electronic catalog, GDSN® datapool) is the most adapted to my business needs?
  • What should be the best action plan for business success?
  • How to optimize my data governance to support data quality?

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